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December 31, 2013
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(Video) New Garrus Romance Scene - new animations by Ktr-Liane07 (Video) New Garrus Romance Scene - new animations by Ktr-Liane07
Link here:…

I made a new romance scene for Garrus using models extracted from the game and 3ds Max software, as a request after my previous Thane fan videos.

The turian naked model was made by me. You can download it here for 3dsMax 2014 or here for XPS/XNALara)

Dedicated to :iconspyke1985:

This is NOT a mod for Mass Effect 3, it's just a movie created with 3ds Max. I don't take requests for other movies as it takes too long for a noob like me to create all the animations and rendering required, however suggestions are welcome.
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fab great romance. my one and only
see this how the romance for garrus should have gone, maybe a little bit more awkward for him as he's only dealt with turians.............
yeah, he was one of the characters that needed a bit more heat in the game... and a bit less clothing :P  I'd definitely picture him being really awkward the first time... maybe this wasn't the first one ;)
heh yeah........its a pity isnt it?
WOW, this is just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drool: :heart: :love:
TY so much for sharing it :D
suthnmeh Feb 17, 2014  Student General Artist
Gahhhhh!! I am thoroughly impressed... and full of feels, suddenly.
I was wondering when someone would be making one of these, and even wondered if I should make one myself, but all the work that has to be put into it... You did an amazing job. I might just look at those tutorials you posted on a comment, it's very tempting. Fantastic job on the body too, oh gods... How i wanted to see at least a shirtless Garrus in game... But not even a thumb. So disappointing. Thank you for this. If you'll be releasing the naky Garrus model I would have to give it a try.
Snif.. :iconcryforeverplz:
Thanks a lot! ^^ I'm flattered :)  It's true that making a video like this one takes a lot of time but I assure you it's a lot of fun too (and a bit frustrating at first). I can't wait to see videos from other people so go for it! If you have any problem while trying it don't hesitate to contact me and I'll try to help you. Oh, and the links for the naky model are up here in the description, below the link to the video ;)
Hehehe :) throwing things at Shepard is something which can be expected from Garrus. Cool :)
I believe music is from Dragon Age romantic scenes?
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